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I'm a freelance developer based in Romania with a passion for building handheld experiences. I have a knack for all things mobile, from planning and designing all the way to solving real-life problems with code. When not online, I'm either doing CAD/CAM, machining aluminium, toying with Blender, listening to my records or tending to my million other passions..


1995Born in Iasi, Romania.
2015Completed the Bachelor's Program in Computer Science at AIC University of Iași, RO
2015 - 2017Freelance work
2017 - 2018Android Developer at Skout Deals
2018 - 2021Lead Android Developer at Zyper
2021 - presentFreelance Android work + CAD/CAM & CNC Machining

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Motorsports, Music & Vinyl, Sci-Fi, Blender, CAD/CAM

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